It’s time to experience and enjoy sharp and clear
images with HD 960P high resolution

The FI9828P provides a 1.3 megapixel lens capable of streaming video at 1280 x 960p HD quality, allowing for extremely smooth video transmission with minimal bandwidth consumption. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and personal belongings are safe and out of harms way.

IP66 Outdoor weatherproof design

Aluminum shell with IP66 allows FI9828P to stand all weather conditions, making it a versatile camera for all conditions. You can mount your camera outside your house, FI9828P will work on all condition 24/7, no need to worry about the bad weather.

The easiest way to monitor your home remotely

Simply setup your camera in 3 steps with EZlink feature. Scan the QR code,
name your camera and enter your WiFi password. The camera will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi network.
You're ready to stream and view everywhere!

Infrared Lamp Array for night vision up to 20m

With 21pcs IR LEDs, the night vision for FI9828P is up to 20m in the darkness. Automatically correct color cast problems during the day and enhance the brightness at night with IR-cut off filter.

3X Optical Zoom

3X optical zoom reveals every detail.
Even the most unnoticeable corner
can be detected.

Motion Detection Alarm via E-mail and FTP

Automatically detect moving objects and trigger alarm. Send an alarm email to user and upload the pictures to FTP server when danger occured. Protect your love easily and effectively.