Video surveillance used to be enhanced
by All Motion Alerts

Motion detection and alert push are great moves for security monitoring. They tell us the new changes when necessary, so we don’t need stare at video feed all day long.

However, not all changes reported by All Motion Alerts deserve your attention.

FOSCAM is gonna change this with
Smartcam Technology

Curtain movement, lighting changes and other background events may cause inessential alerts, but most cameras can’t distinguish them from human movement. Smartcam Technology can cut down on alerts by only sending alert notifications in response to human activity.

Smarter than you expect

Each time human motion is detected, a ten second recording is triggered. If the subject stays still, Smartcam Technology will adaptively categorize him or her as part of the background to prevent useless or redundant alerts.

Tips: - Alert push about human motion will be restricted to one per minute at most. - It is strongly recommended that you enable Motion Detection triggered recording, which allows the camera to capture continuously for any motion and preserve evidence.

Count visits for business data collection

Can't keep track of the door? Smartcam Technology tells you how many visits your business receives weekly, and when are its busiest times. It's easier than ever to grasp your store's operation status and optimize staffing.


Smartcam Technology
options from FOSCAM

1080P Pan & Tilt WiFi Camera with Smartcam


FOSCAM’s steps to intelligent machine vision

Smartcam Technology is just the first step to machine vision for FOSCAM. Many forthcoming technologies which do better image-based analysis will make FOSCAM camera not just see but understand what it sees in the future.

Machine Vision

Smartcam Technology